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Meteor showers light up the sky of Santa Catarina

Meteor showers light up the sky of Santa Catarina

A meteor shower recorded by an amateur astronomer (Photo: Josimar Justino, personal archive)

Geminid showers reached their peak in the early hours of Friday (15) and allowed more than 400 meteors to be seen lighting up the Santa Catarina sky. Amateur astronomer Josemar Justino photographed this phenomenon in Monte Castello, north of Santa Catarina. The information is from g1.

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According to Josemar, the rain at this time of the year was “amazing” thanks to the sky conditions, which at that time were clear, providing a distinctive view of meteors. The event was classified as “one of the prominent astronomical events of the year”:

– Geminids, known for their vividness and brightness, crossed the sky at a speed of nearly 120,000 kilometers per hour, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle – says Josimar.

Josimar explains the reasons for the luminous phenomenon:

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— A meteorite can be caused by any solid body entering the Earth’s atmosphere. They are usually caused by meteorites, which are rocks up to one meter high. If they exceed a meter, they are called asteroids. Meteorites are rocks that eventually survive the heat generated by entering the atmosphere and end up reaching Earth.

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