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Meteor blue fireball exploding over the US  Watch videos

Meteor blue fireball exploding over the US Watch videos

An exploding meteor, classified as a “fireball”, was seen crossing the Midwestern sky of the United States on Sunday morning (9). At least 11 cameras recorded the moment of the explosion, around 1:04 am (Brasilia time).

Videos captured by security cameras, smart doorbells, or doormats – and even the car – show the way Wonderful brightness The meteor, followed by a beautiful streak of blue and green explosions that illuminate the surroundings.

Check out some of the following videos:

The meteorite is classified by scientists as a thunderbolt: a “fireball”, leaving an ionized effect, very luminous and long lasting, and in the end it explodes. It shines more from Venus to the full moon (the brightest object in our night sky).

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has received 51 reports, from four different states, about the meteorite: Minnesota (the vast majority), North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Night turned to day for a few seconds in these areas.

Although impressive, it is a harmless phenomenon. It is a space rock (meteor) of a few centimeters, that entered our atmosphere and may have completely disintegrated by it.

If fragments fall to the ground – fragments named after meteorites – they are definitely too small to cause damage to people or buildings.

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