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Mouse defeats Silvio with billionaire assets, 50m Channel, Radio and TV

Mouse (Operation: SBT)

The presenter’s fortune outweighs that of his boss, owner of SBT, and the values ​​are shocking

little mouse He could be an employee of Silvio Santos In SBT, but his apocalyptic legacy easily exceeds that of the fund owner. With a consolidated television career from an early age, the presenter invested his earnings in networking and made good returns, forming an absurd fortune with his current assets.

To start, currently, the veteran of Anhanguera broadcaster is expected to receive at least 2 million riyals per month, which will definitely help grow his billionaire legacy. Since 1998 at home, Ratinho is one of SBT’s most sought after providers.

An empire in communication

As mentioned earlier, Ratino, who is neither a fool nor anything, invested his money in telecommunications so that his fortune would grow further. Parana was the state that Ratino chose to invest his money in television networks. We are not talking about one, two, or three televisions. Carlos Massa soon has five channels.

It is a mistake to think that the broadcaster does not appreciate the value of the radio. Ratinho formed a radio empire in his name, owning nearly 30 channels.

50 million channels

Recently, including The caller was happy to be able to bring his radio network to São Paulo When purchasing Rádio Estadão, which is now called Massa FM. The most shocking thing is that no less than 50 million riyals were paid for the acquisition of the canal.

In short, among his farms and his TV and Radio channels, Ratinho employs around 3000 and earns him a good number. In addition to these investments, the popular company licenses food products and gets around 6.5% per sale.

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The President’s Legacy

Going to this point, in mid-2021, Ratino’s legacy must go beyond the billionaire to that of his boss, Silvio Santos. According to himself a few years ago, his fortune was estimated at 125 million dollars, which would give him around 600 million riyals.

However, since the celebrity announcement of equity is too late and his investment has only grown to include the salary of a millionaire, nowadays he should easily beat Silvio Santos, whose net worth is R $ 2.6 billion.

Ratinho surpasses Silvio Santos with billionaire assets and 50 million channels, radio and television channels;  See the numbers
Ratino and Silvio Santos at SBT (Image: Clone)

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