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Messi surpasses Pele in his official career goals;  Watch the comparison between the two legends and the disputes about the account

Messi surpasses Pele in his official career goals; Watch the comparison between the two legends and the disputes about the account

Messi scored two goals in Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Club Brugge, this Tuesday, in the group stage of the Champions League, and reached 758 official goals in his career.

Tues (7) brings another special night from Champions League For Lionel Messi. with two goals in Victory over Club Brugge, in Paris, the ace of Paris Saint-Germain arrived in 758 career goals and Exceeding the Pele mark in official matches.

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The numbers are from the RSSSF (Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation) website, which is one of the most popular sites for using this artillery data. But like any such comparison, there are of course differences.

Pele scored an astonishing 1,283 goals in his career, adding all matches with jerseys Santos, New York Cosmos e Brazilian national team. It turns out, by the standard of official matches, it’s a good thing Part of the goals “lost”.And As ESPN.com.br showed about a year ago.

Thus, in the RSSSF list, Pele appeared with 757 goals. There are 643 with Santos, 77 with the Brazilian national team and 37 with Cosmos, the last club of his career, at the end of the seventies.

The King, a few months ago, still had ten more goals in official matches, but these goals were not taken into account.

He was one for the military team, in 1959, and nine for the São Paulo team, between 1959 and 1962 – the period in which he defended Santos. The “review” omitted these 10 goals, taking into account now only the official goals of clubs (Santos and Cosmos) or before Brazil.

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Messi, who has nothing to do with it, has 672 goals for a team Barcelona, 80 to choose Argentina and six more Paris Saint-Germain. So the grand total comes to 758.

This is the second time that the Argentine has surpassed the Brazilian in similar calculations. This is because in December 2020, when he was still working in Barcelona, Messi surpassed Pele’s mark as the single club’s top scorer – Count the official matches again. However, Santos spoke out against the record, with the King scoring 1,091 goals in an Alfinegra shirt.

Now, who is waiting for us?

However, the Paris Saint-Germain striker still looks far from his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo, as The Portuguese scored 801 goals in his career a few days agoYou only think about official matches. The two must have an intense battle over who to end his career with the record.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, two more names appear “in the way” of Messi. The first is Joseph Bikan, whose numbers are uncertain, and the second is the Brazilian Romario.

There are lists in which the Austrian appears with 759 goals (one goal above Messi), others take into account 805 goals (a number used by FIFA by the way) and also the most generous version, made by the Czech Federation, with 821 goals. Bekan played between 1931 and 1955, at a time when stats weren’t as important as they are today. Naturally, the documentation of the facts was more balanced.

On the other hand, Romario, according to RSSSF statistics, scored 762 goals, although, in his personal calculations, he exceeded the thousandth barrier before officially ending his career in 2008.

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