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Palmeiras: Abel puffs and says only two things connect him to Brazil

Palmeiras: Abel puffs and says only two things connect him to Brazil

ESPN.com.brMay 13, 2023, 21:32Reading: 3 minutes.

after Draw 1-1 with Red Bull Bragantinothis Saturday (13), in Brazilian championshipartistic Palm treesAnd Abel Ferrerawho again received a yellow card for complaining to arbitration, vented hard.

In a post-match press conference at Allianz Park, the coach said he was tired of talking about the same topics in his interviews and revealed that he always hears as an answer that things will not change.

“There is no point in saying the same thing all the time. I have already said it. And I also hear the answer when I criticize: ‘If you are not satisfied, that is our nature.’ If you are not satisfied, leave. But I won’t. This is where I want to be,” said the Portuguese, before saying that only two things “connect” him with Alviverde and Brazilian football.

“The players and the Palmeiras (they are what connects him to the country). That’s what holds me here. I live inside CT and I’m happy there. I don’t control the rest,” he said.

“That’s what keeps me here. It’s a situation of being where they want me to be. I feel everyone wants to improve and be the best. The players, the club, that’s it.”

After that, Abel still remembers the famous episode of kicking the microphone, in Brazilian Super CupTo say that he is complaining in response to the obvious refereeing errors that occur in matches.

“I’m not talking about that [o que disse ao 4º árbitro quando foi amarelado neste sábdado]. “You have television and cameras…talk about the reasons and don’t talk about what happened,” he asked.

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“Oh, Abel kicked the stadium mic when there was a minute left in the game.” Have you ever heard anyone talk about a corner that didn’t go our way before? Nobody talked about it! .

“Everyone pointed the finger at that guy over there: ‘Abel Ferreira killed the microphone, stabbed him three times, and he has to convict him and turn him in.’ That’s how I felt. Did you see anyone talking about the scandalous angle? Nobody! He talked about my actions,” he continued.

“I know that sometimes I don’t have the best procedures, but they don’t talk about the reason, just the behaviour. And what led to this behavior? Today, the referee told Andrique he made a mistake. The manager asked him and he said something completely different… We will stay with Palmeiras and the players. Because that’s what motivates me to be here,” he concluded.

With Saturday’s result, Verdau misses the chance to sleep at the top of Serie A, which would have happened had they won.

If he had won, Abel Ferreira’s team would have reached 16 points and would have surpassed the leader Botafogowith 15 points, however, the draw takes Palestrina’s team to 14, to finish second.

Now, Alviverde is changing his focus and playing to his advantage Brazil Cup In the middle of the week vs powerBack in Allianz Park.

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