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Marta leaves the future of the Brazilian national team open after the elimination

Marta leaves the future of the Brazilian national team open after the elimination

after, after Elimination of sanctions for Canada, in the quarter-finals of Tokyo OlympicsMarta left her future in the Brazilian national team open. At 35, you prefer to wait for the dust to settle before making a decision.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to give that answer now, my head is racing. I’m so emotional, I’ll leave this answer for later. Can’t say right now… Anyway, sorry, I’m so emotional,” she said. Globo TV The ace asks not to blame the juniors:

“I ask people not to point fingers at anyone, to point fingers at anyone, to point out that I am used to it. The new generation cannot be blamed for this exclusion.”

Marta made sure to devote a large part of the interview to her partner Formiga, who, at 43 years old and after participating in all the Olympic Games, finishes her course in the Brazilian national team:

“Obviously I felt like more. I even told the girls, especially Formiga, who wanted to live again the passion of fighting for her (Formiga) medal, but I really appreciate what she did for the national team. All the time. A life dedicated to the sport, an inspiration. For all the girls and she could have a happy ending, but she’s a fighter and that makes us very proud.”

And about the same match, which ended in a 0-0 draw in normal time and 4-3 for Canada in the penalty shootout, Marta believes that the victory did not come from the details, but she was proud of what the group presented.

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“Sometimes things don’t work. I felt like we started really well, we were able to open the scoring, and we lacked more patience in the final third. There were situations we could have used better because they were clearly more tired.” football And it’s not always the best to win. Now he thinks about the future. To continue to support the sport because women’s football does not end here, it continues, I hope people are more aware and not point fingers at anyone, no blame. The ball was missing. I’m very proud of the team and everything we’ve lived through.”

Finally, Marta left an open future once again in the Brazilian national team, but stressed that work on the style will continue no matter how long it lasts:

“I still think you have to cry first to smile at the end (a phrase she said in 2019 that went viral). When you go out in the field, it’s for fun, that’s what we love. I think the message had a huge impact on her. The girls, who really understood and captured her, gave their best. You can be sure that the work on selection would continue with Marta, without Marta, with Formiga or without Formiga.”