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STJD turns up part of appeal, but Coca is out Atlético-MG vs Athletico-PR |  Athlete - mg

STJD turns up part of appeal, but Coca is out Atlético-MG vs Athletico-PR | Athlete – mg

Coach Coca will not lead Atlético MG off the bench in the match against Atletico-PR, on Sunday, 4pm, in Mineirao, for the Brazilian players. Gallo’s defense lodged an appeal, and even the motion for suspensive effect was partially accepted by the SCJ, but the court demanded another game of hook until the final ruling was delivered by the plenary.

Coca was handed a four-match ban last Wednesday for insults to referee Leandro Pedro Voadin after Atletico’s loss to Ciara, in the sixth round, in Castellao. In Sunday’s game, Gallo Kokkinha, assistant coach and brother of the sports coach, will run.

There is no set date for the new (and final) ruling. Atlético’s legal department filed the appeal late last Thursday at noon. The decision of the case rapporteur, auditor Philip Bevilacqua, was to grant the suspension effect after the second hook match had finished.

Since Cuca has already completed the automatic suspension, he will be able to return to the bench at Atlético in a duel against Juventude, on the eighth (if the agenda is not judged by Pleno). The punishment was minimal in the article denouncing the trained lawyer.

Cuca shoots Leandro Vuaden, referee from Ceará 2×1 Atlético-MG – Photo: Premiere

Coca raged over referee Leandro Pedro Voadin, In Atlético’s defeat to Ceara, 2-1, in June, in Brazil. In the summary, the judge claimed that he was insulted in his honor.

One of the process auditors even voted to extend the penalty to six games, but the vote was 3-1 for four games. before the trial, Coca had issued a statement apologizing for these actions.

Also on Thursday, the coach commented on the penalty in an interview with Rádio Itatiaia, and frankly, he did not escape the blame.

– I said a lot of nonsense and inappropriate things and it was only fair that I was punished. The hook they gave me, I was taking. I was so bad. I failed. I offended him as a man and a professional. This is not done.

With Coca suspended, Coquenha will lead Atletico MG in the match against Hurricane – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico MG

In the same statement, Coca even referred to Fouden as a football friend, and noted that the referee whistled at the symbolic match of Fluminense’s (coach-led) relegation escape in 2009, in the Brazilian nationals’ last game, against Curitiba.

About the insults, he explained that he was asking the referee for additions made in the match, when Ciara scored the winning goal after the system time. Then it turned red and, in the words of the coach, “I lost my temper.”

This year, Coca had already served in suspension matches for Atletico, but for a red card in the 2020 Libertadores final, when Santos lost to Palmeiras, 1-0. On this occasion, he tangled with Marcos Rocha in an alternate throw in. Kuka spent Gallo’s first two matches in the tournament’s group stage, in 2021, off the bench, replaced by Kokinha, his brother and assistant.

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