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Countries sign treaty for 1st AI safety net

Countries sign treaty for 1st AI safety net

In South Korea, 10 countries and the European Union jointly established the Seoul Declaration, an international protection network for artificial intelligence.

Leaders of 10 countries and the European Union have agreed to establish the 1st International Network of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Defense Agencies. The agreement was reached during a conference in the South Korean capital Seoul on Tuesday (May 21, 2024).

According to the UK government, the new Seoul Declaration aims to co-operate to ensure that technology benefits human well-being and credibly addresses global challenges. Read on Report.

Technology Secretary Michelle Donnellan highlighted the opportunities the deal offers. “Collaborating with our overseas counterparts in a global network will be key to ensuring that innovation in AI can continue with safety, security and trust at its core”He declared.

Members who signed the Seoul Declaration:

  • Germany;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • Singapore;
  • South Korea;
  • to us;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Japan;
  • England;
  • European union.

The summit also saw new commitments to the safe development of AI, with 16 AI technology companies including Google, Microsoft and OpenAI. Adherence to a set of safety standards.

Anna Mahanju, OpenAI’s vice president of global affairs, reinforced the importance of regulatory frameworks. “AI security mandates are an important step in encouraging the widespread adoption of security practices for advanced systems”he said.

Artificial Intelligence Summit

On the first day of the Seoul AI Summit, Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak led a virtual session on innovation and inclusion.

One The 2nd agreement is called the Seoul Ministerial Declaration, signed by 27 countries, including Ukraine and Israel. This text points to potential risks posed by the potential potential of AI at the frontier “Non-governmental organizations involved in the development, production, acquisition or use of chemical or biological weapons”.

Delegates expressed concern that AI could advance beyond human oversight through manipulation and deceptive sharing.

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Brazil did not sign any of the documents presented at the meetings.