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Man who couldn't stop stinking for 5 years just sued

Man who couldn’t stop stinking for 5 years just sued

Ever since he set foot in a Christmas fair in Birmingham, England in 2017, things haven’t been good for 46-year-old Englishman Tyrone Brades. At that point, the man decided to eat a ham sandwich at one of the stalls on site. Shortly after, he developed convulsions, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

According to Tyrone’s defense, the sandwich he bought was contaminated with salmonella. After the man consulted a doctor and prescribed medication, the vital symptoms disappeared after five weeks.

However, one thing persisted: gas incontinence. Tyrone can’t stop the farts that have created so much trouble and embarrassment in his life.

For this reason, the man decided to go to court and ask for compensation equal to R$ 1.3 million for the Christmas fair for the moral damage he suffered. “The duration of this symptom turned his life upside down. He suffers from excessive flatulence, which causes great embarrassment,” said Robert Parkin, who is defending Tyrone in the case.

Fairness lawyer Philip Davey says tests on the ham have found no salmonella, but a knife used to cut the food has found flies. coli contamination. Bacteria mainly cause diarrhea. The case is yet to be heard in an English court. Information from The Sun newspaper.

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