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Maceio City Hall |  SUS Ombudsman qualifies services with…

Maceio City Hall | SUS Ombudsman qualifies services with…

The SUS Ombudsman Office in Maceió was created with the aim of expanding the access of citizens in the effective search for health care-related rights in the municipality, and has established itself as an important administrative tool and an instrument of social control, clearly representing the City Council of Maceió’s commitment to transparency and promoting citizen participation.

The Office of the Ombudsman is responsible for receiving complaints, reports, suggestions, compliments and other manifestations from citizens regarding the services and assistance provided by the Municipal Health Department to SUS users, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the services provided not only in the internal structure of the system. Municipal Health Department, Health (SMS) – health units and technical areas – but also in outpatient services and hospitals contracted by the municipality.

“The SUS Ombudsman Office in Maceió was recognized by the Ministry of Health as one of the most successful experiments in this field in the country, for its excellence in service provision, which was guaranteed by the percentage of response to requests received, which reaches 98%. Thanks to this qualification of services, We were able to make a difference in the care available to the residents of Maceió,” highlights the Municipal Secretary of Health, Luiz Romero Farias.

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The work carried out by the SUS Ombudsman Office in Maceió received further recognition at the beginning of 2023, when it became the first Ombudsman Office in the country to receive the Institutional Seal of Accreditation, a certification awarded in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), the Organization of Countries National Council of Health Secretaries (OPAS), National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conassems), and National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conasems).

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The Institutional Accreditation Project brings together 24 state, municipal and hospital ombudsman offices throughout Brazil. The goal of the initiative is to integrate the offices of the Board of Grievances into a system with high quality standards to be a reference in performance and solutions.

Last year, the SUS Ombudsman Office in Maceió received another award for its excellent performance. This time, this recognition was recognized at the first meeting of the Maceió Ombudsman Network, promoted by the Municipal Secretariat for Internal Control (SMCI). One of the criteria analyzed for awarding the award was the high degree of responsiveness to requests and responses provided to users.

Municipal SUS Ombudsman, Josén Moreira. Image: Eskom SMS

For the SUS Ombudsman in the municipality, Josén Moreira, the recognition of the work developed by the sector shows that the team and management have followed the right path, ensuring responsiveness to requests and efficiency in the services provided, leading to increased user confidence, that your words will be accepted and your rights will be guaranteed.

“Our mission is to facilitate users’ access to public services, simplify procedures and mediate relations between administration and citizens. We listen to citizens and point out responsible managers, strategically mediate conflicts and promote the implementation and implementation of public policies, promoting excellent service to users of the public health network.

How to contact the Ombudsman

The SUS Ombudsman Office in Maceió is located at the headquarters of the Municipal Health Department, at Rua Dias Cabral, 569, Centro. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., when personal service can be provided.

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Citizens can also contact by phone (82) 3312-5441, via email [email protected] and via the Ouvidor SUS computerized system, linked to the Ministry of Health. Through these channels, users can send complaints related to health services that Provided by Maceio City Hall.

SUS Ombudsman Team at Maceió Health Department.  Image: Eskom SMS
SUS Ombudsman Team at Maceió Health Department. Image: Eskom SMS

short message

Rua Dias Cabral, 569 – Center
CEP 57020-250 // Phone: 82 3312-5400
Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.