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Maceio City Hall |  City Hall holds Luau Massayó during Super …

Maceio City Hall | City Hall holds Luau Massayó during Super …

It will be possible to see the last supermoon of this year – and of the decade – that promises to light up the sky, on the night of next August 30, in the most magical and luminous beaches of Brazil in a very special way. The City of Maceio will be promoting its first Lua Maceio, from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, in Praia de Ponta Verde.

The combination will be perfect. With the expectation of low tide, it will be possible to obtain a distinctive view of the phenomenon on the so-called “Moses Road”.

The audience at Luau Massayó will be able to enjoy art performances on the sand of the beach, on a catamaran, to the sound of Banda Afarra and DJ Momx, in front of the deployable door on the waterfront.

The initiative is from the Fundação Municipal de Ação Cultural Foundation (FMAC) and the Municipal Tourism Secretary, who have thought of proposals to create unique memories and unite the beauty of the city with astronomical events.

The municipal program is sure to provide a magical night and under the influence of the lunar cycle, where it will be possible to enjoy the perfect combination of music, friends and the unique atmosphere by the sea.

The blue supermoon, as it is called, is the last supermoon of the year. On this date, the Moon will be larger and brighter, as it will be at perigee, which is the point in its orbit closest to Earth. According to NASA, the next giant blue moon will be just 9 years from now, in the year 2032.