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Forbes says Xbox is about to leave PlayStation in the Starfield space dust

Forbes says Xbox is about to leave PlayStation in the Starfield space dust

The famous American magazine Forbes published a somewhat alarming article about the current state of the PlayStation and its future without games that are not yet bright – at least those that are advertised. Of course, Microsoft is about to release starfielda wonderful game from the queen of RPG Bethesda, which can leave Sony’s ‘Space Dust’ console.

The Forbes article does no harm to the defendant, but it raises some interesting questions which we will summarize here:

  • Xbox is about to launch its biggest console exclusive of the year – bigger than Sony’s Spiderman 2, and bigger than Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom.
  • In a year full of huge game releases – Hogwarts Legacy, Diablo IV, Baldur’s Gate 3, etc. Nothing as predictable as Starfield.
  • Bethesda isn’t the only game developer acquired by Microsoft. Along with several smaller studios, Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Call Of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard.
  • The beginning of a major shift in the console wars, especially if Starfield succeeds. Judging by the success of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

Forbes also recalls when Microsoft also bought Bethesda to protect itself from Sony’s exclusive contracts:

“When we acquired ZeniMax, one of the driving factors was that Sony made a deal with Deathloop and Ghostwire to pay Bethesda not to ship those games to Microsoft,” Xbox chief Phil Spencer said during an FTC hearing against Microsoft earlier this year. Xbox”. So the discussion around Starfield, when we heard that Starfield is also likely to end up bypassing Xbox, we couldn’t be in a position as a third party console where we would lag further in ownership of our content so we had to secure the content to still be able to continue to operate.

In the end, we have an interesting development here, and it would definitely be wise to watch the next chapters of this fight that only gets better with time.

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