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Tomorrow is the last day to renegotiate debts at Desenrola;  See how

Tomorrow is the last day to renegotiate debts at Desenrola; See how

Tomorrow, March 31, is the last day to renegotiate debts under the government's Desenrola programme. Anyone who earns up to two minimum wages and has debts of up to R$20,000 can participate. Desenrola has renegotiated its debt amounting to R$35 billion so far. In total, 12 million people benefited from discounts on cash or installment payments.

1. Who can participate?

The extension of the renegotiation calendar applies only to Band 1. In other words, people with a monthly income equal to or less than two minimum wages (R$ 2,824) or registered with CadÚnico can negotiate their bank and non-bank debts (electricity and water). Invoices, for example), directly on the Desenrola website. Band 2, which includes citizens with a monthly income of up to R$20,000, was closed on December 31 last year. The government says that citizens from 5,545 cities have so far participated in the program.

2. What debts will be renegotiated?

The program will prioritize debts up to R$5,000 (per debtor). However, debts up to R$20,000 can be renegotiated at an interest-adjusted value. Bank and non-bank debts – such as electricity and water bills – contracted from January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2022, can be renegotiated. Operations will be exempt from the occupation.

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