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Lula receives invitations from 12 African leaders for a busy schedule in the second half

Convergence with Africa is seen as an appropriate political, economic and cultural strategy for Brazil

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

247 – President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party), in his quest to strengthen relations with African countries, has already received invitations from twelve leaders of the continent interested in receiving his visit. This agenda, which was scheduled for the second half of this year, promises to be busy and full of important meetings. The initiative is one of Lola’s priorities and is being coordinated by Itamaraty, which has already received invitations.

Recently, Brazilian Chancellor Mauro Vieira had a meeting with the President of Mozambique, Felipe Nyusi, at the United Nations Headquarters. During the conversation, Nyusi reveals her desire to meet with Lola. This demonstration indicates the interest and importance given to the Brazilian leader in the African political scene.

According to the information published by the magazine lookLula intends to include the African Union as a permanent member of the G-20 in his agenda for rapprochement with Africa. It is worth noting that Brazil will assume the presidency of the G20 starting next year, which enhances the possibility of implementing this proposal. This initiative is a clear demonstration of Lula’s desire to promote a closer and more inclusive dialogue between Brazil and African countries.

Convergence with Africa is seen as a political and economic strategy relevant to Brazil. The African continent has great potential for cooperation in the areas of trade, investment and partnerships, in addition to being an opportunity to strengthen cultural and historical ties between peoples. President Lula’s commitment to this cause can contribute to the resumption and deepening of relations between Brazil and African countries.

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It is important to stress that this initiative is not unprecedented. During his previous administrations, Lula also sought greater rapprochement with Africa, promoting bilateral meetings, technical cooperation and joint action in various fields. Now, Lula is interested in reaffirming and strengthening these relations, recognizing the possibilities that cooperation with the African continent can bring to Brazil.

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Lula’s agenda in Africa is expected to feature high-level meetings and discussions on relevant topics, such as trade, sustainable development, education, health and technical cooperation. Moreover, the accession of the African Union as a permanent member of the G-20 could pave the way for greater participation of African countries in global decisions, allowing for a more balanced and inclusive representation on the international stage.