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Volcano eruption in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo |  Scientist

Volcano eruption in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo | Scientist

Or a mountain Nyiragongo, A volcano in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of the CongoA volcanologist from the mountainous city of Goma told Reuters, this eruption erupted on Saturday (22). See the video above.

Nevertheless, the government of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso met on Saturday evening (22) and approved an evacuation plan from Goma. “The city evacuation plan has been activated.”Communications Minister Patrick Moya announced on Twitter. “The government is studying the urgent measures to be taken from now on.”

According to AFP information, Thousands of people have already left their homes, heading south of the city and the Masisi region. Lava from Nyiragongo volcano has already reached the city’s airport and can reach Lake Kivu, one of the largest lakes in Africa, located on the border with Rwanda.

People see smoke and fire from a volcanic eruption near Goma, Congo – Photo: Jafar Qatanti / Reuters

A volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – MAPA – Photo: G1 World

The Nyiragongo explosion last erupted in 2002, killing 250 people and displacing 120,000 After the lava hit Goma. Tedesco said the volcano has one of the fastest lava in the world.

Volcano watchers fear that the volcanic activity observed in the past five years will be similar to the years prior to the 1977 and 2002 eruptions.

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