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Lula praised SUS at an event at the Hospital de Clínicas, in Porto Alegre

Lula praised SUS at an event at the Hospital de Clínicas, in Porto Alegre

On a visit to Rio Grande do Sul, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva On Friday (30), take part in the official opening of Buildings B and C of the Hospital de Clínicas From Porto Alegre. In his speech, Lula praised the Unified Health System (SUS). The president recalled that he was a founding vice president, together with former governor Olivio Dutra, and they were present at the podium when the SUS was created, seeking to popularize health in the country.

“Anyone who has lived in the United States and European countries knows that there is no health plan in a country that covers SUS. There had to be a catastrophe, which was an epidemic, and a government that denies respect for SUS in this country. 700,000 people died, but it could have died.” More than a million, if not for the dedication of SUS specialists.

Arguing that the opening of the two new blocs makes Clinicas the most important center of excellence in the country, Lula states that it is possible to build another country and that there is nothing to prevent Brazil from becoming a richer and fairer country.

“I came back because I think we will build a country the size we want. With your face, winning people over. We need to think big. I want a country of beautiful people, who eat and drink beer on the weekends. No one likes to be poor, we want to live well and with dignity.” This is the country we will build.”

Education can bring about the social revolution the country needs, Lula said, noting that it is possible to build teaching hospitals, such as HCPA, in other regions of the country. When citing the meeting with the rectors of federal universities held this year to resume investments, he asked those present in the audience “Get out, Belhes,” referring to the president of the federation.

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Minister says Brazil ‘has suffered from denial’

Blocks B and C were ready in 2019, with an investment of R$555.5 million, appropriated during the government of Dilma Rousseff. The resources came from the Ministry of Education, it is a teaching hospital.

The Minister of Education, Camilo Santana, stated that Brazil was “suffering from denial”. In his speech, Santana highlighted positive policies in education and investments in the state through scholarships and budget compensations from federal institutions, among other projects. “Today’s law covers two basic areas for people (education and health). For a long time they refused to research in this country.”

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