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Lula criticizes the “foolish” elites who tried to destroy the “dream” of Petrobras

Lula criticizes the “foolish” elites who tried to destroy the “dream” of Petrobras

The President participates in the announcement of investments worth R$ 250 million in the cultural sector by the state-owned company in Rio de Janeiro.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

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247 – Once again, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made strong criticism of right-wing forces dedicated to destroying the “dream” of Petrobras, when he spoke of pressures on the state-owned company to privatize or dismantle it.

“We are in a company that was never meant to be born. When the creation of Petrobras was contemplated, part of the conservative elite, living on a hybrid complex, wanted to abort Petrobras, the oil company that would give the country the dignity and decency of sovereignty. With great difficulty, it survived Petrobras and grew. Washington advisers said that it was necessary to change the name of Petrobras. Recently there was another attempt to abort Petrobras, which created countless slanders. For a long time the oil workers felt insulted, because Petrobras was involved in corruption “But there was resistance and here we are,” Lula said during the launch of the Petrobras Cultural Group – Novus Axis, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), on Friday (23).

Lula also referred to the campaign carried out by the corporate media at the time of the discovery of pre-salt, against the exploration of reserves. “They said we would not be able to explore the pre-salt area, and that the announcement of Petrobras was an illusion. The luck of this country is that investment in Petrobras technology has led to oil being extracted from a depth of 6,000 meters at almost the same cost as in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

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“What we celebrate today is not that we came back, but that we never left. They tried but we persisted. We resisted attempts to divide the company. Who would have thought we would come back after the man who destroyed this country?”

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brats – During the ceremony announcing the state-owned company's investments worth R$250 million in the cultural sector, the company's CEO, Jean-Paul Prats, also spoke.

“Culture is our greatest power,” Prats said when asked about projects that value blacks, indigenous people, nomads, gypsies, LGBT people, women and people with disabilities. “Our energy is available to everyone,” he said. Culture is fundamental to Brazil’s reconstruction, he said.