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Your business will never be the same with Drex Innovations!  paying off

Your business will never be the same with Drex Innovations! paying off

With recent technological advancements, especially in the digital world, it is not surprising that financial assets are also adapting to this new scenario. There are currently several types of cryptocurrencies, stocks and real estate funds that can be traded in a 100% online environment.

Now, many countries are also working on ways to bring their official currencies into this same world, thus bringing more practicality and resources to citizens. Here in Brazil, we will have Drex, which will basically be a digital version of our Real.

This tool is still in the testing phase by BC (central bank) to ensure its safety, but authorities hope that residents will be able to use this resource at some point without major obstacles.

When this happens once and for all, many changes will occur, especially in the field of financial operations carried out by individuals and legal entities. Hence, the way of doing business will also change irreparably and hence entrepreneurs, especially the young ones, must prepare.

What will Real Digital change in terms of business?

According to Márcio Rosa, Product Manager at Efí, the news was reported by Real digital It should be felt by all sectors of society, but especially by small business owners. Therefore, Drex should streamline transactions, operations, and hiring, saving a greater amount of time.

“Change is closely linked to delivery as a means of payment. Drex will provide 'atomic settlement'. For example, I own a car or TV shop with an outlet and rely on my finance to compare information about what I sold and what was paid for. Drex will shorten this process; And unify these two parties. In other words, a third company will no longer be needed to implement this reconciliation,” explains Rosa.

Next, there is another important factor that should be highlighted by the specialist and it relates to gathering financial resources for small businesses. With digital money, it will no longer be necessary to open capital on the stock exchange, and funds can be raised through the new asset.

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