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How to unblock your FGTS: Understand the ban causes and solutions!

How to unblock your FGTS: Understand the ban causes and solutions!

The Time of Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is a cash reserve accumulated by every Brazilian worker with a formal contract, consisting of monthly deposits made by the employer. However, there are cases when these resources may be blocked, preventing their holder from making withdrawals or transactions.

Why was FGTS banned?

According to Law No. 8036/1990, the FGTS can only be withdrawn under specific circumstances, including unfair dismissal, seriousness of illness, owning your own home and retirement. Outside of these cases, the worker cannot withdraw the accumulated amount.

Scenarios that may lead to FGTS blocking include:

Commitment to opt out of Christmas

By subscribing to the birthday withdrawal method, the worker has the possibility to withdraw part of the FGTS balance annually, in the month of his birth. However, this option prevents the withdrawal of the entire balance in cases of arbitrary dismissal.

Expect a birthday withdrawal

If the worker decides to advance the value of the Christmas withdrawal through a loan, the FGTS balance will be used as collateral for this operation, and remains held until the loan amount is repaid.

Pay alimony

In cases where the worker fails to pay alimony, the judicial authority may intervene and order Caixa Econômica Federal to use the amounts deposited in the FGTS account to repay this debt.

How to open FGTS?

FGTS can be unblocked by paying off the debts or obligations that led to its blocking.

Lifting the ban on alimony

In this scenario, the worker must pay the full amount of alimony due. After discharge, a letter from the judicial authority will determine the release of FGTS resources.

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Open the loan

To raise the block generated by a FGTS-guaranteed loan, the worker must pay the installments in advance using his own resources. After the debt is settled, Caixa Econômica Federal is notified that the FGTS account has been unblocked.

Prepayment steps can generally be carried out through the contracted bank's application. In the case of establishments that do not offer this function online, it is possible to request payment in advance over the phone or by visiting a physical branch.

Remember, it is important to maintain control of your finances to avoid derailing the FGTS, thus ensuring a useful resource for emergencies and future financial needs.