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Luísa Sonza releases the video for the song “A Dona Aranha” today (28) – Entertainment

Luísa Sonza releases the video for the song “A Dona Aranha” today (28) – Entertainment

Credits: Pam Martinez

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“I lick your sweat, I feel it dripping. Tie me up in the dark, I’ll have dinner with you, I’ll have dinner with you. I know this love is poisonous but the poison tastes so good. I don’t need the medicine, yeah. I need you to fill me, fill me up…” Bringing a mixture of Portuguese and English, playing with children’s classics while talking about a disposable passion, song “Spider lady”, by Luisa Sonza, can now also be viewed in the clip version on the artist’s YouTube site.

The biggest monthly debut in the history of Spotify Brasil, in just eight days, the album “Escândalo Íntimo”, by Luísa Sonza, continues to accumulate impressive numbers. It already has over 200 million streams on Spotify, becoming the fastest Brazilian album to reach this number. It’s the eighth-biggest female debut of 2023 on Spotify Global, the third-biggest debut week for a female Latin album, with 73.6 million streams on Spotify, and was the sixth-most streamed album on Spotify UK last week, if it was a Brazilian debut. The album entered the chart.

Luísa Sonza placed all of “Escândalo Íntimo” in the Top 50 on Spotify, with 6 of them in the Top 10. Furthermore, 3 songs entered the global top 200, with “Penhasco2” at number 41, and “Campo de Morango”. at number 140 and “A Dona Aranha” at number 181. In Portugal, “Penhasco2” debuted at number 10 and “Escândalo Intimate” became the biggest debut for a Brazilian pop album.

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On Apple Music, the artist occupied the entire 18th position on the platform and “Escândalo Intimate” was the most streamed album. On Deezer, all songs debuted in the Top 50, with “Penhasco2” taking the top spot.