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Lucas gets the nickname "Barao da Rubinha"

Lucas gets the nickname “Barao da Rubinha”

Lucas Bisoli is one of the “live memes” in “BBB 22” (TV Globo). The brother who is already known as “Barão da Piscadinha”, now has another name: “Barão da Roubadinha”.

The nickname was given by the program itself, in reference to Lucas’ “obsession” with collecting products offered by sponsors for use in his suitcase.

The production showed a video, in which Arthur tells us that Lucas only has a bag of perfume, sunscreen, body cream, and makeup.

Elsewhere, the problem showed a medical student going to the pantry to get new items for his “stock”. Lucas hasn’t denied that he really intends to take some produce into his house. Make-up, for example, the brother said that he would give to his grandmother.

The title of the new brother became one of the most talked about topics during the program.

After Jade Picon is eliminated, who is the most hated participant in “BBB 22”?

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