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Lorena Improta talks about the reason for ending up with Léo Santana

Lorena Improta talks about the reason for ending up with Léo Santana

Lorena Improtta spoke to Thais Versosa about why she was going and being present in her relationship with Leo Santana, Who are you married today. In a conversation on the actress’ YouTube channel, Laure shed light on her partner’s view on the matter.

The dancer said, “If you ask about him today, he will tell you. It was very immature. On his part, much more than on my part.” She also ended commenting on what caused him to cut the relationship several times: “He broke up with me for no reason. We had no reason. It wasn’t like betrayal or aggression or quarrels. There was nothing serious,” she said.

Lorena, now five months pregnant with the singer, talked about how she felt when this happened. “It hurt the most, because he was always lonely. He hadn’t had a strong relationship for many years, to introduce it to the family, he asked me to marry him with three months of dating until the influencer got said, when he wanted to be alone, he realized he had someone he liked He was nervous, and it wasn’t me. Sometimes he was nervous at work, with the road, and he didn’t know how to separate it. He didn’t know how to sit and talk. “

The dancer and YouTube continued to talk about Leo changing his behavior: “Conditioning the relationship with him was so difficult. It hurt me so much. I arrived happy, and he said,“ I don’t want it anymore because I don’t want her anymore. I do not know “”. Thais commented on the terms “without reason” making it difficult to appeal, “I think when you have a real problem, you can go on with your life. But imagine someone breaking up with you” for no reason or why, are you okay and you love that person? So when he comes back, (he says) like, “I’m sorry, I acted on a motive,” and then you end up coming back because there’s nothing that strengthens you because you are pursuing his life, you know? So Leo and I, we had no injuries and no cracks. He always left him the whole time. He always finished, he even asked to come back. “

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Laure also clarified rumors that the terminology had other motives. She revealed, “It wasn’t even about jealousy. A lot of people thought it was jealousy. He and I are both very simple.” Mother first also opened up how the moment of social isolation helped them as a couple: “We really started living together. We didn’t have people, and we didn’t have any outside influence in any way. We started to live together, he started to understand who I was, he started to understand that he needed Really to talking, and that we need to sit down and solve problems. He started treatment, “revealed Lorena, who added:” Today we are living another relationship. “

The two have been together for four years, between all the coms and goings. After their recent breakup, the couple resumed the relationship in early 2020, before the pandemic broke out. They spent their solitude living together, and were married earlier this year. in March , There was an announcement about the couple’s first pregnancy.