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The Indian strain has become the most common in the UK - Coronavirus

The Indian strain has become the most common in the UK – Coronavirus

The UK is expected to see the Indian breed becoming the most prevalent in the country sometime in the next few days. The warning was directed by Britain’s Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock and is pressing the government to add India to the red list.

In the country, COVID-19 cases have risen nearly 75% since Thursday, and the main culprit appears to be the Indian variant, which now threatens to push the country back into the downturn.

According to Britain’s health minister, the country has already recorded at least 2,323 infections caused by the Indian strain. About 1,000 cases were identified after Thursday.

Bolton and Blackburn are among the most recent outbreaks, with outbreaks responsible for 483 people. The security forces are particularly affected, with 86 cases of infection already identified among members of the local authorities.

Only in these two cities, 35,000 tests have since been distributed and all eligible people who still need to be vaccinated have been identified. In Bolton alone, 6,200 vaccines were given over the weekend.

The warning came on the day the UK opened public indoor venues for the hospitality and entertainment sector such as game rooms and museums to the public.

Now, in light of the new data, Boris Johnson is expected to postpone the next disassembly plans, that is, the end of social distancing rules.

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