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Lola's business jet trip could cost up to R$2.8 million

Lola’s business jet trip could cost up to R$2.8 million

In Portugal, the president-elect, asked about costs, said he was “hitting” with his businessman friend

November 22
– 09:42

(updated at 10:07 am)

Lula and US Climate Envoy John Kerry

Lula and US Climate Envoy John Kerry

photo: instagram/@lulaoficial

The trip made by the elected president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (English) He even went to Egypt to participate in COP27Then to Portugal, where he met heads of state, the cost could reach 2.8 million reais, according to a survey by the newspaper. Folha de S. Paolo

Lula traveled on a Gulfstream jet, with a capacity of 12, which belonged to businessman José Seripieri Filho, founder of Qualicorp and friend of the PT captain for years.

According to the quote provided by the newspaper, renting a model similar to the one used in Lola’s cruises – the Legacy 650 – would cost R$2.8 million. The plane can seat 14 passengers and will need to stop for refueling.

In Portugal, the president-elect, asked about the costs, said that he had “boarded” his business friend, and that he would have to accept service again on his new flights until his inauguration. Visits to Argentina and Uruguay are on the radar. According to the newspaper, traveling to these countries on a business plane will cost about R$140,000.

Lula in Lisbon

Lula in Lisbon

Photo: Rodrigo Antunes/Reuters

The President-elect also stated that if he was in charge, Jair Bolsonaro He must have offered a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane for the flight, as there is no budget to cover the expenses of the president-elect during the transition period.

“There is no forecast today for a flight like this to be taken on an FAA plane [Força Aérea Brasileira] It was not presented by the current government he heads [Jair Bolsonaro] I did not go to the COP,” according to Lula’s consultant, adding that the PT’s trip to Egypt and Portugal had generated a gain in Brazil’s image in the world’s repercussions.

It ended up causing a fallout among Lola’s allies. Edinio Silva (Workers’ Party), the Araraquara mayor who coordinated the presidential campaign, told the publication that a change in legislation was needed to include the budget that pays for the transition: “In other countries, the kind of support President Lula receives is normal. There is no controversy. Private initiative to support A president, or a public figure who holds public office, in many countries in the world this is not a problem. In Brazil, there is even because of the political environment in which we live.

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