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Cartolouco vestido de sheik no catar

Cartolouco mocks Muslims in Qatar and worries the web: “He will be arrested”

Lukas Strabko, better known as Kartoloco, caused his first controversy in Qatar, where he accompanies World Cup 2022. In the The match between the Arab country hosting the World Cup and EcuadorCartoluco appeared in the audience wearing Guthra and a calf on his head, in the common dress among Muslims, while embracing an Ecuadorian fan.

It is worth noting that demonstrations of intimacy between men and women are prohibited in Qatar. Kissing and holding hands, for example, is permissible between men only as a greeting and as a sign of friendship. In addition, showing disrespect for religious beliefs or practices is highly offensive and can lead to imprisonment.

The photo, which showed Cartolo in Arabic clothes embracing a woman, quickly spread, including on international pages, and opinions were divided. While some worried about the journalist’s safety, others enjoyed the joke.

ccrazy art And the [Diogo] Woe! Disputing who would be arrested first,” one Twitter user wrote. β€œThe gringo pages that share files Crazy cartoon Another jokingly said, he thinks he’s an old man… he really does make the World Cup worth it.”

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