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Lojas Americanas and B2W announced the merger of operations and the creation of joint US companies

São Paulo – Just over two months after the declaration of intent, Lugas Americanas (Lame 4(ea B2W)BTOW3This Wednesday (28) confirmed the consortium of its operations, which will generate Americana SA (written in lowercase).

In a statement to the market, the two companies informed that the proposal will be evaluated and voted on at the general meetings of both companies on June 10.

The companies also reported that the business consolidation will take place in two phases. Initially, operations were merged and integrated, with Lojas Americanas’ operating assets merged by B2W (owner of Submarino, Americanas.com and Shoptime), officially leading to the creation of Americana SA, which will incorporate 100% of the physical and digital business, logistics and financial technology On one platform.

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“It is a unique opportunity to accelerate business development. The new company will be more powerful and valuable than the group of parties, because it will represent the outcome of a continuous sum, a new integrated ecosystem of value generation, based on five pillars: network effect, proprietary technology, scale economy, recognized brand and merger platform. Acquisition is stronger, “they say

With a team of 34,000 partners, Americana SA will generate more than 90 million registered customers, 46 million of whom are active customers, 1,707 stores of 5 variants located in 765 cities, a digital platform that connects buyers and sellers, FinTech with over 19 million downloads. And acceptance in 3 million enterprises and logistical platforms and Fulfillment, fulfillment Of a national character.

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