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40% of Brazilians have bought less clothes and shoes in light of the pandemic

40% of Brazilians have bought less clothes and shoes in light of the pandemic

Many Brazilians gave up buying clothes and shoes during the pandemic. The situation has already been recognized by many of the home office followers who have stopped consuming these products without ever having to leave the house. Now, it is confirmed by a CNI (National Federation of Industry) poll released on Wednesday (28).

According to the survey, 40% of respondents bought less shoes and only 11% increased, 43% bought less clothes, versus 13% bought more.

The survey also indicates that these sectors may start to recover soon, with 33% saying they should buy more clothes and 29% more shoes within three months. Another 20% said they plan to buy more in up to six months and 14% in up to a year.

Other products are not in the consumption plans for most of the respondents. The desire to buy a motorcycle goes unnoticed by 79% of people, while buying a car does not go into the list of 63% of the ears. 59% of people do not consider refrigerator and stove consumption.

Cleaning products and medicines are on the rise

On the other hand, the epidemic ended up favoring some sectors. Such is the case for cleaning products that are booming in purchases by 62% of respondents. The tranche actually reached 68% in May last year.

Supermarket food purchases increased to 55% of respondents, while drug purchases increased by 54% of ears. Personal hygiene products, such as soaps, shampoo, and toothpaste, were also the most popular with 49% of those surveyed.

Services flow, Like Netflix and Spotify, show consumption growth of 41% of people, while acquisition of ready-to-eat foods increased to 39%.

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