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Logitech Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard: Is it worth the investment?

Logitech Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard: Is it worth the investment?

Silent writing. When it comes to noise, I would compare an old keyboard to an old typewriter. Logitech’s Wave switches only emit a soft sound. The Lift Mouse is also very quiet, with almost imperceptible noise.

Point of interest

American keyboard. The keyboard is sold in an American format, different from that traditionally used in Brazil. Despite this distinction, most of the keys are modified according to the Windows keyboard settings. But for the question mark (?) and slash (/) keys, it is necessary to activate the shortcuts: “AltGr + W” and “AltGr + Q”, respectively.

What improved for me?

Less pain and more lightness. Before using this ergonomic mouse and keyboard, I had pain in my right wrist and some of my fingers for a few days. So I sought advice from a physical therapist, who recommended using a vertical mouse. The ergonomic keyboard, in turn, was found after searching for the mouse.

After using this convenient set, the pain I felt was greatly reduced. The keyboard rest is firm and soft, which helps me avoid wrist pain. The grip of the mouse is very natural, which puts less stress on my fingers. I feel like my arm and hand movements are much lighter when using both devices.

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