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Like Portugal, the United Kingdom approved a training recovery plan - and there were criticisms of inadequate support - Current Events

Like Portugal, the United Kingdom approved a training recovery plan – and there were criticisms of inadequate support – Current Events

British Department of Education Announced The $ 1.4 billion (approximately $ 1.6 billion) investment plan is to be used for training recovery in the UK over the next three years.

The bulk of the fund is to provide 100 million hours of training to students – including 6 million for underprivileged children – to train teachers and help students do so during the final year of compulsory education. Repeat without effects.

The plan joins the previously announced 1.9 billion euros, for a total of 3.3 billion euros. These appear to be huge sums – the British government declared them so – but the plan was immediately condemned by the educational institutions, the teachers’ unions, the opposition and the commission appointed by the administrator to assess the educational needs of the country.

Boris Johnson Government Appointed Commissioner of Education Recovery, Kevin Collins Resigned the post. Because? Because, according to their calculations, $ 13.5 billion (approximately 6 15.6 billion) was needed to encourage adequate recovery of education needs over the stipulated three years.

In a statement, the Guardian quoted the former official as saying that the amount “announced” was not “close” and that the government’s actions “condemned the underestimation of the importance of education” and that it was a “careless approach”. “It’s the risk of failure for hundreds of thousands of students.”

To exacerbate a plan that already appears to be unpopular, the British executive is considering the possibility of extending school hours by another 30 minutes. Confident Education Minister Gavin Williamson told the BBC.

O Institute of Educational Policy, um Thought tank The British, dedicated to education, revealed a bright truth about this project. Estimating that elementary school students in the UK would have lost two months to study and three months in math, the announced $ 1.4 billion would mean an increased investment of $ 50 – or $ 58 – per student. One year or 310 pounds in three years (approximately 360 euros).

In comparison, the EPI says that investments made in countries that have already disclosed plans such as the Netherlands or the United States are significant:

  • One after the announcement 2 122 billion project (. 99.8 billion.), The U.S. Department of Education invested an average of 85,857 for its students;
  • Already The Dutch government is still advanced. Its $ 8.5 billion plan means that the nation’s 6,600 elementary schools will receive an average of $ 180,000 per school next school year and 650 high schools an average of $ 1.3 million per school. In addition, 5 645 million will be allocated to compensate companies that have to deal with high numbers of stagnant students. The total investment will average 3,830 euros per student.

Portugal, how does this apply to these accounts?

June 1, The Portuguese government announced – by its Minister of Education, Diego Brando Rodriguez and Prime Minister Antonio Costa – “Plano 21 | 23 The long-awaited learning recovery program called Escola + ”.

The project, which aims to restore learning lost through the epidemic over the past two academic years, predicts an additional investment of more than 900 million euros, including 140 million to strengthen human resources in schools – which means, among other things, the hiring of more than 3300 teachers – to train teachers and non-teachers 43.5 million , 47.3 million to enhance digital resources and 670 million to modernize equipment and infrastructure in schools.

For now, the definitive use of these funds is not yet known, and the project is still subject to final approval – the Ministry of Education will ask partners beforehand – but it was immediately criticized on the day it was issued. Fenprof.

A The Portuguese Teachers Federation lamented Criticized the lack of clear plans to combat structural problems and the meager investment in hiring teaching staff. Still, he praised the government’s refusal to increase the workload further.

Compared to the examples mentioned above – from the UK, the Netherlands and the US – Portugal is in the middle of the table. Based on data from students in elementary and middle education in public schools for 2019 Portata, An investment of 900 million euros for 1,163,413 students with an average investment of 773.59 euros per student.