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Chile agrees with Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union to accelerate green hydrogen production

Chile agrees with Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union to accelerate green hydrogen production

(Archives) In this archive, a photo taken on June 6, 2019, of Los Willows – AFP / Archive View of the Canela wind farm established by the Spanish power utility Endeavor as part of a project with the Chilean government.

Chile, one of the countries with the greatest potential to produce renewable energy, has signed an agreement with Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union to join forces to create green hydrogen, which is an affordable and competitive alternative to fossil fuel pollution.

This connection between countries with enormous productivity and others in need of more energy emerged from the international environmental forum CEM12 / MI6, which is taking place in Santiago this week as one of the forums ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. (Scotland) At the end of the year.

Green hydrogen, which emits energy without emitting polluting gases, is becoming a global race to replace fossil fuels, which is intensifying climate change.

Named the “Mission of Hydrogen”, the deal seeks to achieve the competitiveness of this fuel against current fuels, thereby creating a cleaner global demand in the coming years.

“As a planet in all countries, we need to reduce the cost of its production because it is more expensive to produce, transport and store than its alternative, such as oil or gas,” he explained to AFP Chile’s Minister of Energy Juan Carlos Jobet. The key is to make it cheaper.

– Renewable Energy –

Hydrogen production is already a fact, but for it to be “green”, the energy used in the hydrolysis process (the breakdown of its molecule) must be generated by renewable sources such as wind, hydroelectric or solar.

Today, it is practically impossible to export electricity generated from renewable energy due to the need for electrical connections.

Therefore, it is necessary to have “renewable energy in quantities,” General Francesco La Camera, director of the International Renewable Energy Organization, told AFP, citing the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia as examples of large-scale solar power plants in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula.

La Camera highlights Chile’s potential in solar and wind power production because it contains the world’s driest and largest planet’s solar radiation, the Atacama Desert. With boaty winds in the south of the country.

La Camera says, “The world is changing and currently two-thirds of fuels are fossil fuels and pollutants.

He estimates that “this will be reduced to less than 15% by 2050”, in line with the commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, so that the planet’s temperature does not rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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