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Libby Ribeiro apologizes after exposing her affair with Viih Tube

Libby Ribeiro apologizes after exposing her affair with Viih Tube

Influencer Libby Ribeiro, 30, apologized to her exBBB Fieh Tube, 21, after debunking some situations about their brief relationship in recent months.

in the interview On the Bulldog Show podcast, the ex-Fasenda said the YouTuber was “mixing things up” and starting to feel “crazy and jealous.”. Lip’s speech upset some people, including The same influencer who called him “disgusting” and said what he did to her was “unforgivable”.

In an exclusive video sent to SBT’s “Fofocalizando”, Lipe apologized to the former BBB and said he did not express himself properly:

“I wanted to clarify and apologize as well. I might have expressed myself the wrong way. I know there are people who didn’t like it and I’m trying to clarify. Not directly to Vitoria or me,” he began.

“The madness of what the two of us were going through, an open relationship that we ended up getting in the way of a lot of things,” “sentiments,” what I meant was that when I came to live in Sao Paulo, we ended up staying together and we probably took a step bigger than our leg.”

“But that doesn’t justify it either, so I apologize to those who felt uncomfortable, sorry Vittoria. If you can listen to the podcast later, I will talk about the affection I feel for her, the gratitude I feel for her, because she helped me through the difficult moments of my life.” My life and I will never forget it. Just to make it clear to those who felt uncomfortable, I really apologize, and life goes on.”