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Learn the steps to unblock your Nubank Card

Learn the steps to unblock your Nubank Card

the nubank It has become a very popular bank among Brazilians, being among the largest digital banks From the world. One of the reasons why this financial technology is so popular is that there are no fees for using the various services. Among the advantages of a bank card is the fact that it does not have an annuity, that is, it is fee-free.

to get Nobank card It is necessary to submit an application that must be approved. If the customer has already been approved and already has the card, it is enough to unlock the item to be able to use it and be able to contemplate all its advantages.

opening process Nobank card It’s very simple, and it’s done digitally, through the company’s cell phone app (available at android And iOS). Check below step by step to unlock card:

  • First, open the Nubank app on your cell phone;
  • On the main screen, click on the “Activate Card” option;
  • Now, for security reasons, it will be necessary to inform the last four digits on the back of the card;
  • Finally, you just need to select the option “Activate my card” and the service can already be used to make purchases.

After following these simple steps, your purple Nubank Card will be unlocked. Among the novelties of the card is the possibility of paying via Whatsapp. Check out more information below.

Nubank launches Whatsapp payments

With this novelty from Nubank, bank customers will be able to use The WhatsApp To make payments and collections, in addition to the normal functions of the application. In this way, for those who use the chat application, there is now a new function, the payment process is simple and fast.

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In order to use this new tool, the customer must first register. The first step is to add the debit card information to a file Facebook push, a process that can be done directly via WhatsApp. A virtual debit card can also be registered.

After registration, the customer only needs to have available balance in the account to make payments. This is because the payment is made with a debit card, that is, payment is made immediately upon confirmation.

Learn more about the “Violet” card

Initially, Nubank may release a low credit card usage limit to a certain group of customers. However, as the consumer uses it, and also through good habits within the app, the bank releases more credit limit.

Some good habits that help increase the limit: always update your income data, so Nubank knows exactly how much you can spend, and always pay your card bills on time.

The roxinho card is accepted in more than 30 million establishments using the Mastercard brand. In this way, the customer can also enjoy other benefits, such as the Mastercard Surpreenda program.

Finally, the Nobank card It does not charge any annual fees or premiums, which is one of the main attractions. In addition, the digital bank gives discounts to customers who pay their bills in advance.

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