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Learn how to track and recover your cell phone • DOL

Learn how to track and recover your cell phone • DOL

It is certain that most people have lost their mobile phones or been victims of theft or theft at least once in their life. The despair of being left without the gadget that contains important information about our lives is understandable.

Below, DOL has detailed tips for tools that help track devices, for both Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple cell phones. are you interested? Read the article below.

Leave GPS turned on

The first tip is the most famous and very important for anyone who wants to recover their device, to restore their cell phone, the GPS must always be on, because it is what makes it possible to find the device via Google, in this case Android, or via iCloud for devices iPhone

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On Android mobile phones, you need to go to: “Settings”, then “Security & Privacy” and activate the “Search” function.

Now, on iOS mobile phones, the system is different, go to Settings. Then click on your username at the top of the screen, then click “Search.” Make sure Find My iPhone is turned on. If so, this means that the GPS will work all the time.

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Search on Google”

Among Google’s various functions, through the Find My Device function, the search site can also track your device. The tool can be used in two ways: by installing an application of the same name on another cell phone or through the browser, simply typing “Where is my cell phone” on Google.

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In both cases, a screen with a preview of the service will open. To use it, you will need to sign in with your Google account.

By clicking on the map, you can know the location of the device, its battery level, and the Wi-Fi network it is connected to, and also make it emit an alert sound for up to five minutes, in addition to making it show a message to the person who found it until he deletes the contents of the phone.

It can also assist in police investigations – the data is necessary to file a police report

1- Access the Find My Device platform via the web or app and log in;

2 – The platform will display information about the device’s location, battery level, and Internet connection;

3-The cell phone will receive a notification alerting you that the device has been found


For those who have a Samsung mobile phone, there is another option to track the device. The function is similar to Google, including the name: Search my phone.

With this tool, devices do not need to be connected to the Internet to show the location. See the detailed guide for activation and use:

Go to Samsung’s Find My Phone website and log in;

The last cell phone location will be provided.

The user can also activate the cell phone’s ringtone, delete its data and information, or even access the device’s backup


If you have a Xiaomi branded mobile phone, Mi Account may be the tracking option, as long as the user activates the “Locate my device” option in Settings to keep the GPS always on

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To do the tracking, the user simply needs to go to the Xiaomi Cloud website, log in and search for the device’s location.


The user simply needs to use the “Find my iPhone” option available on the iCloud page. Do the following:

Access iCloud and sign in;

The platform will display information about the device’s location;

If the user wants more information, simply tap (i) next to their iPhone;

When located, the user will be able to ring an alarm for the device, lock the cell phone (recommended in cases of theft and theft) and even delete all content on the device. After using this last option, you will no longer be able to see the device’s location.