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Learn how to reply without being seen on WhatsApp

Learn how to reply without being seen on WhatsApp

Hey WhatsAppBy default, it automatically detects the status of “WritingWhen you write a message in a chat.

However, for those looking for more confidentiality and privacy, there are ways to get around this feature and keep your interactions private.

Although there is no native function to disable “write”, some strategies and Applications Third-party apps can help hide this status.

3 ways to hide text on WhatsApp

1. Via high priority notifications

With high priority notifications, you can prevent WhatsApp from revealing what you write.

These notifications are the ones that appear at the top of the screen when you receive messages from unmuted contacts or groups.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  • On the WhatsApp home screen, tap the three dots icon or the gear icon;
  • Select “Settings” and “Notifications”;
  • Swipe down the screen and activate the “Use high priority notifications” option;
  • When you receive a message, tap Reply (Android) or long press on the notification (iOS);
  • Enter text in the notifications pop-up window, then tap the send icon message.

WhatsApp Secret: Remove “overwriting” warning – Image: Screenshot / Fabrício Calixto / Canaltech

2. No internet connection

The simple trick is to go offline, either by activating airplane mode, or Turn off Wi-Fi Or deactivate the mobile data network.

After you disconnect, write your message and then get back online. This way, the other party will receive the content without seeing the writing status.

3. Via WA Web Plus

If you are using WhatsApp in the version intended for computer browsers, the extension Wa Web Plus Offers specific functionality to hide “typing”. Follow the following steps:

  • Download WA Web Plus from the Chrome Web Store;
  • Access WhatsApp Web and click on the browser extensions icon;
  • Select “WA Web Plus” and choose “Hide by typing” and “Hide by recording audio”.
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Solution to get rid of “writing” on WhatsApp on computers – Image: Screenshot/Fabrício Calixto/Canaltech

In addition to providing more privacy, WA Web Plus offers other useful features to improve your web experience. WhatsApp.

Try these strategies and make your online interactions more discreet.