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Learn how to install the Caixa Tem app to receive Bolsa Família in 2024

Learn how to install the Caixa Tem app to receive Bolsa Família in 2024

In the turbulent year of 2020, something new happened that revolutionized the way Brazilians bank. The government launched the Caixa Tem app, a platform that provides access to basic banking services securely and free of charge. At the same time, it reduces the risk of crowding in bank branches, which is a crucial factor during the pandemic period.

Not only has the app gained popularity, but over the years it has become the main tool for distributing government social and labor benefits. It is expected that until 2024, this valuable resource will continue to expand its influence on the monetary relations of the population.

How has Caixa helped Tem during the pandemic?

Learn how to install the Caixa Tem app to receive Bolsa Família in 2024

Caixa Tem was initially created as a means of disbursing emergency aid during the most critical period of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, in 2020, and has played an integral role. The aid ranged from R$600 to R$1,200, and is valuable assistance for the unemployed, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Familia programme. With the launch of the app, more than 60 million people have an automatically opened digital account, making it easier to distribute these benefits.

What benefits can I get with Caixa Tem?

The Caixa Econômica Federal application goes beyond the payment of emergency aid. It offers a range of banking services, such as balance inquiries, account statements, payments, transfers and many more, completely without monthly maintenance costs. As for social benefits, in addition to Bolsa Família and Auxílio Gás, work benefits are also available, such as unemployment insurance, FGTS and PIS.

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How to install and register in Caixa Tem?

Here is a step-by-step guide to facilitate your experience of creating an account at Caixa Tem:

  1. In your smartphone's app store, search for “Caixa Tem” and install the app;
  2. After downloading, open the application;
  3. Click on the “Register” or “Create Account” option;
  4. Fill out the required information accurately;
  5. Choose a secure username and password;
  6. Be prepared to provide additional documents or data if necessary;
  7. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and select the option to accept;
  8. The app will send a verification code. Enter the code to confirm registration;
  9. Discover the features the app offers.

Caixa Tem has changed the way Brazilians bank. Thanks to its ease of use and security, it has become an essential tool for millions of people. This progress in digital banking transformation is a major milestone for the country and promises to continue expanding in the coming years.