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Caixa allows the use of Pix across its channels; Know how to use it

a pix Now available to customers Federal Savings Bank. The payment system launched by the Central Bank enables the realization of Instant Transfers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a Pix key, the user can send or receive money whenever he wants.

Pix keys act as a user identifier, eliminating the need to report all personal and account data when a transfer is received. The options are: CPF / CNPJ, mobile phone number, email, or random key.

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Now, anyone with a checking account, savings account, or digital social savings account can create Pix. Check out some important information to get started with this simple and effective money transfer resource.

How do you register?

Caixa customers can register their keys through the Caixa app, the Caixa Tem app, online banking, or at one of the service stations available at government bank branches. Just access the “Pix” menu and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Is there a transfer limit?

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At this moment, stipulate Caixa daily limits and with treatment. With Caixa Tem, for example, users can transfer up to R$600 per transaction and up to R$1,200 per day. In other channels, the value varies according to the time of day.

Is it mandatory to register a key?

Registration is completely optional and simplifies the process, as it eliminates the need to enter all the bank details of the recipient. However, it is possible to use Pix without registering a key.

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Who can send Pix to?

Values ​​can be transferred from person to person; From a person to a commercial enterprise; from one company to another; From individuals and companies to government agencies; From companies to people.

Why is it useful?

While TED and DOC have time limits and only work on weekdays, the central bank system allows money to be transferred at any time, just for a few seconds. In addition, costs are much lower with pixBecause many organizations do not charge a fee for this type of transaction.