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Learn How to Check Internet Speed ​​Using Your Cell Phone (Free Trial)

Learn How to Check Internet Speed ​​Using Your Cell Phone (Free Trial)

The platform allows analysis of download and upload speed and latency.

Did you know that it is possible to measure internet speed by cell phone and completely free of charge? The test can be taken through the Speedtest application available on the website google apps (Android) and up Apple Store (iOS).

With this platform, you will be able to analyze your download speed, upload speed, and signal latency (ping). Knowing this data is essential for anyone who wants to check the internet signal quality of a cellular operator, for example.

And to complete the package of services offered by Speedtest, the application allows its users to share test results on their social networking profiles.

Below you will find a tutorial on how to measure internet speed by cell phone with Speedtest.

The indicated procedure was done using an Android device, but iPhone users can also do it step by step, since it is practically the same.

Tutorial for measuring internet speed by cell phone:

  • Go to Google Play, download and install the Speedtest application on your smartphone;
  • Once installed, open Speedtest, click Next and then Continue on the first screens of the application;
  • Then grant the permissions requested by the app and continue;
  • Soon after, Speedtest will request access to the location in order to connect to the mobile internet service used on the device. Grant permission
  • The next screen will contain information about the mobile operator used and a round button with the name “Start”. Click this button to start the internet speed test;
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After a few seconds, the information obtained from the speed test will appear on the screen. Examine and save them.

That’s it, now you can measure internet speed on your cell phone whenever you want!