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Leandro says he was betrayed after Danny and Fabio voted

Leandro says he was betrayed after Danny and Fabio voted

Leandro Galeria and Renata Dominguez, One of the names in this week’s DR in “Power Couple”, vent and spoke after forming the hot seat reality show From Record TV. The two were surprised when they got four votes, including one from Danny and Fabio, their friends in the mansion, which upset them.

“I felt betrayed. We’ve talked since the beginning of the show that we have husbands to defend, and we don’t vote,” Leandro said. Renata replied, “I felt stabs in the back. My love, I think my record hasn’t fallen yet or I’m avoiding dealing with it.”

The actress also said that she is not ready to have a conversation with Danny and Fabio. “I’m really avoiding it, but I’m willing to take on anything and want God’s justice, that’s it. And the justice of people who see it all,” she said.

The PR official commented, “Let’s face it, if we had to leave, we’d leave. But that has nothing to do with it.”

During the formation of the GDR, Fabio and Danny stated that it was their hardest vote and that the dancer was visibly nervous when declaring who they chose.

Deborah, Bruno, Nina, Felipe, Renata and Leandro in “Power Couple” DR: Who do you want to stay?



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