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What is Spotify Greenroom and how does it work

What is Spotify Greenroom and how does it work

Hey Spotify Greenroom (Android | iOS) is a group voice chat room app created by the broadcasting company. The service is Spotify’s return to the Clubhouse (Android | iOS), the app that became very popular in early 2021 and drew attention to group chats.

It’s not hard to find other platforms trying to replicate the Clubhouse formula: Twitter has an Espaços app, Discord has launched a similar feature in Communities, and Telegram has also included voice chats for groups or channels. Greenroom, launched in June of this year, seeks to connect the community through common themes, primarily involving sports, culture and music. Learn more about the app!

Spotify Greenroom: How it works

It is not necessary to receive an invitation or have a Spotify account to use Greenroom. Anyone registered with the streaming service can use the same access credentials to log into the app. Immediately after creating your profile, you need to choose your main interests. For this, the app offers different categories about entertainment, sports, tournaments, and favorite music styles.

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Greenroom home screen (Photo: André Magalhães / screenshot)

The Greenroom home screen shows the rooms live at the moment and gives you the option to switch to a tab with only the rooms that mention your groups — in this case, the interests you selected when setting up your profile. Additionally, you can access the calendar icon to check some of the conversations scheduled for the upcoming days on the platform and save the events to your calendar.

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After entering the room, the process is very similar to a club. People are divided into hosts, speakers, and listeners. Any room participant can interact: just raise your hand to ask to speak and wait for the host profile’s decision to do so.

In Greenroom, users can also create their own rooms. It is necessary to associate the chat with one of the groups and the platform provides the option to record the conversation, if you want to use it later as a podcast. The application only contains an English version.

The Spotify Greenroom sound room (Photo: André Magalhães/screenshot)

The platform aims to benefit speakers and content creators. Listeners can send speakers, a form of virtual currency, to rate a comment. In this way, common profiles are indicated by the amount of gems. In the US, Spotify has created a Creator Fund: still in the enrollment stage, which consists of rewarding creators of the platform’s content based on audience and community engagement data.

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