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Large-scale global exercise (LSGE 21) - UK and US strike groups unite for naval power

Large-scale global exercise (LSGE 21) – UK and US strike groups unite for naval power

The United Kingdom’s Carrier Strike Group (CSG 21) and USS America Expeditionary Strike Group (AMA ESG ”, with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, launch advanced international aviation missions in support of large-scale Global Exercise (LSGE) 21. August 20.

“These events enable us to work together with an unparalleled network of allies and allies in a complex environment that supports the common goal of an independent Indo-Pacific,” said US Navy Rear Admiral Chris Engdal, Group 7 of the Commanding Officer. Integrated activities in this region enable us to improve shared understanding, confidence and dynamism about challenges that have global implications.

LSGE 21 is a regionally focused, global command and control exercise that enhances the integration of the United States and its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific. These functions are part of a larger effort as there are many functions, functions and investments under the LSGE 21 umbrella.

As they travel together, attack teams will develop large-scale navigation maneuvers, surface and submarine anti-drills and aircraft coordination events to enhance their capabilities and capabilities across all domains.

“The ability of the United States and the United Kingdom to ‘run’ and simultaneously operate their fifth-generation jets from the same base is a testament to the special relationship between our two countries,” Commodore Steve Moorehouse, OBE, said. , Commander of the Carrier Strike Group UK.

HMS Queen Elizabeth leads the UK Carrier Strike team and operates a mixed flight crew of F-35Bs, with a UK jet force and a US Marine Corps regiment. In addition, the US Navy destroyer USS The Sullivans and several Royal Navy ships form the UK Carrier Strike Team.

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“Dedication to the UK region,” Moorehouse said.

The integration of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 F-35Bs into the carrier’s aviation division provides an opportunity to share experiences, tactics and practices.

Lightning (F-35B) is a sophisticated, multi-purpose fighter aircraft equipped with advanced sensors, mission systems and stealth technology used in both AMA ESG and CSG 21.

Together, ESG 7’s advanced ships and components of the 31st MEU operate in the US 7th Fleet area to serve as a ready response force to enhance cooperation with allies and partners and to maintain peace and stability in the U.S. region. Goes to the Pacific.

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