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KLM Boeing took off for Rio, but returned and activated code 7700

KLM Boeing took off for Rio, but returned and activated code 7700

A KLM Boeing 777 encountered problems shortly after takeoff toward Rio de Janeiro and had to turn around.

The 777-200ER with registration number PH-BQB took off normally to Galeão on board flight KL705 departing from Amsterdam. However, about 50 minutes into the flight, close to flying over Paris, the plane experienced a hydraulic problem.

As a result, the pilots activated code 7700 on the transponder, corresponding to an emergency, and requested to return to the Dutch city, where they landed two hours after take-off.

The landing was made safely, but the plane did not retract the landing gear cover (which is common in this case of hydraulic failure) and was accompanied by firefighters during the landing until it stopped at the gate for passengers to disembark.

KLM’s website states that the flight has been rescheduled to take off at 5:30pm from Amsterdam (12:30pm in Brasilia), possibly with another plane, and will not land in Rio until 11:55pm on Sunday.

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