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Cruzeiro x Tombense: Mineiro receives an offer from Thiaguinho during the match

Photo: Minas Arena/Disclosure

Thiaguinho performs in the convertible car park (G1) in Mineiro

The duel stage between Cruzeiro and Tombense, for the 22nd round of the Second Division of the Brazilian Championship, Mineiro will host another great event on Saturday (6/8). Pagoda singer Thiaguinho performs in the open parking lot of the stadium (G1), in a show on the tour No final4:00 p.m., three hours before the start of the match.

In addition to Thiaguinho, which is the main attraction, the event will be opened by singer Thiago Martins and DJ Biffaum.

The Minas Arena area ensured that access to the red and yellow sectors – located next to the G1 car park, with entry from Avenida C – would not be compromised. This is because the balcony is operating normally.

With the display in the open area, only covered parking will be operated.

BHTrans, a transport and transit company in Belo Horizonte, has not yet announced whether it will make any changes to control the flow of vehicles in the area.

Minas Arena also explained that the structure of the musical event is similar to that of the Pandora Festival, which was held on July 23, during a duel between Cruzeiro and Bahia. in time, Raposa beat Bahia 1-0for the first round of the second round of the second division.

Changes in the parking lot

Finally, the Minas Arena states that this will be the last Cruzeiro game in which tickets for the covered car park will be sold out in person. In the following games, tickets will be sold exclusively in advance.

The new procedure will come into force on Sunday (7/8), in a duel between Atl├ętico and Atl├ętico-PR, for the twenty-first round of the First Division of the Brazilian Championship, at 19, in Mineiro.

New information about parking ‘reservations’ will be published soon by Mineiro.

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