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Justice authorizes banner insertion in stadiums in Sao Paulo after 26 years |  football

Justice authorizes banner insertion in stadiums in Sao Paulo after 26 years | football

The use of a flagpole, with poles or trusses, was again allowed on soccer fields in Sao Paulo on Tuesday. The permission was granted by the Court of Justice of São Paulo, and the decision is subject to appeal.

Entry of flags must follow Military Police guidelines, which will specify the materials, maximum size, quantity and sectors allowed. The decision was made by Judge Fabricio Reale Zia, who went on to explain other possible criteria for obtaining permission.

– (if the Prime Minister) considers it appropriate to grant the right and his inspection, especially for the safety of fans and their families – said the judge.

Flags with masts were banned by law in stadiums in São Paulo in 1996. In the case file, the public prosecutor has expressed its opposition to the release and is analyzing whether to appeal the decision.

Corinthians rally flags at open training – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The decision came in response to an allegation made by the Police Station for the Suppression of the Crimes of Sports Intolerance (Drady), which believes that “controlled entry of flag poles and trusses into stadiums” is possible.

In addition, the permission can be “reviewed if it does not comply with the described instructions”.

– Judicial privilege may be reviewed – by representation of the police authority or the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in their own records – if after this lien it appears that the right secured herein does not comply with the guidelines set forth in the Law on Allowing Leisure Leisure Safely.

Flags with masts were banned by Article 5 of Law No. 9470 of December 27, 1996, which was written by the Prophet Abi Shadid:

“In the football fields and gymnasiums mentioned in Article 1, the sale, distribution or use of:

  • I – alcoholic beverages.
  • II- fireworks of any kind;
  • III – flag poles or supports; And the
  • Fourth – cups, bottles and drinks packed in cans.