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Flamengo v Atletico: Dorival and Filipao overcome doubts and reach the top to duel in the Copa del Rey |  Brazil Cup

Flamengo v Atletico: Dorival and Filipao overcome doubts and reach the top to duel in the Copa del Rey | Brazil Cup

Dorival Junior Luis Felipe Scolari took over flamingo And the Athlete, respectively, with some surprise and also distrust of fans. But the experience worked, and it didn’t take long to turn uncertainty into wins and an advantage of nearly 70% each.

Now on the rise, Dorival and Filipao measure their strength to see who will qualify for the semi-finals of the Brazil Cup. The first leg of the quarter-finals will be on Wednesday, 21:30, in the Maracana.

Dorival Junior, who is in charge of Flamengo, is looking forward to his second Brazilian Cup title – he won with Santos in 2010. On the other hand, Filipao is trying with Atletico to increase the number of trophies. He is the greatest Brazilian Cup champion as a coach, with four titles: Criciúma (1991), Grêmio (1994) and Palmeiras (1998 and 2012).

Dorival Junior and Filipao meet in Flamengo and Atletico – Photo: infoesporte / ge

At the age of 60, Flamengo announced Dorival on June 10, leaving Ciara to replace Paulo Sousa. The coach started with not very encouraging results in Robro Negro: he lost in his debut against Internacional, then beat Cuiaba and received two more defeats against Atlético MG – one in Brazil and the other in the Copa del Rey.

Arascaeta, Pedro and Gabigol: Dorival Jr. Explains what has changed in Flamingo

The switch has since turned: In one month, he has racked up eight wins in his last nine matches, With overtaking Tolima in the Libertadores quarter-final classification, as well as a surprise over Gallo and a place in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. In Brazil, the Flamengo finished the first round in sixth place.

Flamengo’s resumption this season is accompanied by a slogan on social media: “Dorival Junior has a plan.” This plan is gaining traction in a team that needs to find a path to victories and a coach that is looking for titles.

In less than two months of work, Dorival Júnior managed to put together a staff that wasn’t meeting in seasonEither through results or in actions. He rebuilt important parts of the team, tuned the defensive system and gained strength with each victory.

Dorival numbers in Flamingo:

  • 13 matches
  • 9 wins
  • 4 losses
  • use 69.23%
  • Scored 27 goals
  • 11 goals conceded

Felipão revolutionized Athletico with group management and tactical changes

Felipão revolutionized Athletico with group management and tactical changes

Luiz Felipe Scolari He arrived at Atletico a little earlier, on May 4, he was appointed to replace Fabio Carrell (he was expelled after only 21 days in office). At 73, the multi-champion coach has been out of work since October last year, when he left Grêmio.

He was appointed to be Hurricane’s head coach, before taking charge of the team on the edge of the field until the end of this season. And the coach caught Atletico threatening not to qualify in the Libertadores group stage and near the relegation zone in Brazil.

The ‘Felipão effect’ was immediate. He made his debut with a defeat at Tocantinopolis and confirmed his place in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. Then he lost to Fluminense in Brazil, but then was shaken: there were 14 consecutive matches without a loss, he qualified for the round of 16 and then to the quarter-finals of the Libertadores. In Brazil, Atletico took the lift and cemented themselves in the G-6, closing the first round in fifth.

The scene is changed with Felipão directly by the way he is known to work. He avoids the term “Scolari family” as much as possible, but using his experience managing the group, he quickly found a starting base and knew how to rotate the team to juggle the three simultaneous competitions. He simplified what had been complicated at Atletico until then and made the team very competitive.

Filipao’s numbers in Atlético:

  • 21 matches
  • 13 victories
  • 5 draw
  • 3 losses
  • use 69.84%
  • Scored 40 goals
  • 19 goals conceded

With Dorival and Filipao, Flamengo and Atletico face each other this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, in the Maracana, in the first leg of the quarter-finals. GE follows everything in real time, with videos of key bids.

Fla and Hurricane made the seventh knockout decision in the past nine yearsto be the fourth in a row in the Brazilian Cup.

The return leg is scheduled for August 17, Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, at the Arena da Baixada. The team with the highest goal difference in both matches qualifies for the semi-finals – in the case of equality, the decision on penalties.

Whoever moves from Atlético x Flamengo will face the winner of the Sao Paulo x Americas-MG match in the semi-finals. The feud between Tricolor Paulista and Coelho began Thursday in Morumbi.

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