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Jury finds police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of the death of George Floyd |  Scientist

Jury finds police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of the death of George Floyd | Scientist

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  1. Death was caused, unintentionally, by dangerous work, without regard to human life
  2. Shortening the conscious risk of causing Floyd’s death
  3. Manslaughter

Former police officer Derek Chauvin is handcuffed after a jury found him guilty of the death of ex-black security guard George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, April 20, 2021 Photo – Photo: TV Court / Pool / AP

The jury has met since Monday to discuss the case and reach a unanimous decision. Before that, testimonies from witnesses, the defense, and the prosecution were heard in the process. Chauvin He refused to testify in court.

The former police officer was found guilty of everything Three murders Against the former black security:

The judge will still announce the verdict within two months In the United States, it is common for a convict after only days to know how much time he will spend in prison. Once the conviction is announced, Chauvin left the courtroom handcuffed.

Biden calls the Floyd family

Shortly after the verdict, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris called the Floyd family. In the call, the democrat promised that he would work to pass laws curbing police violence and racism.

“There is nothing that can make everything better,” Biden said in the call released by the Floyd family’s attorney, Ben Cramp. “But at least we were able to do some justice.”

“It’s an admission of responsibility, and it’s a path to justice. George Floyd was important, and he was loved by his family. But that wasn’t why he was important: he was important because he was a human being,” he said.

People gathered at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis (USA) to hear the ruling of Derek Chauvin’s trial regarding the death of George Floyd on April 20, 2021 – Photo: Octavio Jones / Reuters

A crowd gathered in downtown Minneapolis in an area that became known as the George Floyd SquareNear the place of the death of the former security guard.

Just before the verdict was announced, Courtney Ross, Floyd’s friend, said Chauvin’s indictment would be the start of a larger movement.

“We might be in the epicenter of change,” Ross told reporters in the field.

Courtney Ross (right), girlfriend of George Floyd, pictured April 20, 2021 in Minneapolis (USA) – Photo: Reuters

The jury consisted of six white and six black or multiracial members. Chauvin, 45, responded to three different counts of murder.

The jury had to decide whether the maneuver applied against Floyd was a “material factor” resulting in the death of the black man and whether the use of force was disproportionate.

He said, “It’s very simple: let him go. Even a child can understand that.”

A policeman is photographed with a knee on George Floyd’s neck – Photo: AFP / Facebook / Darnella Frazier

In turn, Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, went on to say that the officer acted in line with police practice and that Floyd had heart problems – the same line of defense that was maintained throughout the trial.

The final stage of Chauvin’s trial came at an even more tense time in the United States, where he appeared Protests against racism and police violence resume After new episodes of killing black citizens in measures of the security forces.

Near the site of Floyd’s death, Down Wright, Also black, He was shot dead by a police officer during an approachThat sparked new appearances.

A tribute to George Floyd is seen in Minneapolis, USA, on April 1 – Photo: Stephen Maturin / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

George Floyd He passed away in May 2020 After obtaining The neck was compressed by the knee of Police Officer Derek Chauvin, In Minneapolis, for 9 minutes 29 seconds.

Police violence against a poor black man – another among many – sparked a series of protests in Minneapolis Soon it spread to various parts of the United States.

For weeks, the streets of major American cities were littered with protesters protesting against racism, in A. Mobilization that crossed borders and reached other countries.

Subject entered in Agenda for the 2020 presidential election. Democratic Party candidate at the time, Joe BidenHe chose the Senator Kamala Harris, One Black woman and former attorney generalAs a candidate for vice president. The ticket was won by then-President Donald Trump and he was elected to the term that began in January.

Former US Vice President and then White House candidate, Joe Biden participates, by video, at the funeral of George Floyd in Houston, USA, in June 2020 – Photo: David J. Philip, Pool / AP Photo

Four policemen who participated in the operation that led to the death were arrestedBut the expectation was precisely greater than that of the trial of Chauvin, who was the man who had been arrested knocked on Floyd’s neck. The rest are due to appear in court in August.

Chauvin’s defense attempted to argue, throughout the operation, that Floyd had died as a result of drug use and that the maneuver applied was within the standards of the Minneapolis police. However, The copy was rejected by medical examinations how much Testimonies from chiefs of police and Sharia judges.

Death protests by George Floyd