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Juliet says she is getting advice from Anita about fame

‘BBB 21’ (TV Globo) heroine, Juliette Freire, has been counting on Anita’s help dealing with her fame.

Since leaving the program, the lawyer has been staying at the singer’s house, but despite the short period of personal contact between them so far, since then Anita He spent most of the past few months in Miami (USA), and the two are in constant contact.

“She was already in touch with my friends abroad and her family also from Paraíba and there was this introduction. She is a woman I admire very much and I always say this at home. When I left, the invitation was already sent and accepted! It was important! In that first moment. She guided me in Some questions and we always talk about this universe and it’s very new. to I’m Juliet about funkeira.

The lawyer also ensured her success and the award she received during and after her participation in reality It hasn’t changed the way you face life.

“My essence is the same. No million will change that, but in reality nothing will ever be the same as before. Now I want to take part in the good in everything and use that vision to turn it into something that makes sense.”

She’s been trying to keep space for activities that reconnect with her and give her peace of mind to plan her next steps.

“I’m a spiritual person and I was already getting treatment before I entered the house. I keep my faith updated and my head in the right place. Plus, I try to do this, as far as possibleThe things that make me happy and make me happy. Simple things like talking to my friends and listening Song And relax.”

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Now, as the newest millionaire on the field, Juliette has yet to touch the R$1.5 million prize she won fromBBB“:

He concluded, “I haven’t bought anything yet! I want to wait for this hurricane to pass a little longer, so I can get everything organized with my family. Helping them has always been my priority. I joined the program for that,” he concluded.