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Judicial official publishes video mocking religions of African origin: “Makumba sent by SUS” |  Ciara

Judicial official publishes video mocking religions of African origin: “Makumba sent by SUS” | Ciara

Servant mocks Ciara’s African-American religions

A judicial official from Ceará on Saturday (19) released a video showing him mocking an African religious ceremony held in the municipality of Cruz, in the northern region of the state. The video had repercussions on social media, with criticism of the officer’s speeches. (watch the video above)

“Is L, the black girl. The macumba terrero sent by SUS has already arrived here in Praia do Praia, see? Look there, do L, he’s getting there,” says João Iván Sobrinho Dutra, who works as a judicial official in the Bila city district Cruz is adjacent to the municipality of Cruz, the tourist destination where the scene was recorded.

Ivan points to a National Health Council (CNS) decision that recommended that the Ministry of Health recognize Umbanda, Candomblé Terreros, and barnyards as equipment that promotes complementary health practices.

Since the publication of the CNS Recommendation, opponents of Lula’s government have claimed that the SUS would include umbanda and candomblé as forms of Medical treatment – this is not true.

Supporters of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva used the term “make character” to highlight the government’s positive achievements, and opponents of the Workers’ Party used it to criticize the misfortunes.

Ceará judicial official Ivan Dutra has been criticized for mocking African religious practices – Image: Reproduction

In an Instagram caption, Evan stated that he had no intention of committing an act of religious bigotry and that the video was a “joke”.

The Court of Justice requires the “neutral” of servers

As a court official, Ivan Dutra works for the Court of Justice of Ceará (TJ-CE), the highest judicial body in Ceará.

In a memorandum, TJ states that it “denies any and all acts of religious intolerance, prejudice, or discrimination that violate freedom of belief or the freedom to practice religious denominations.”

The court also highlighted that the “Code of Ethics for Officials of the Judiciary in the State of Ceará prescribes, as follows: an express duty, which is to maintain neutrality in the face of religious influences, in order to prevent them from affecting the impartiality of their professional responsibilities.”.

Finally, TJ stated that it would adopt disciplinary measures to determine the behavior of the server.

Ceará Civil Police (PC-CE) reported that they are investigating “possible religious intolerance” and stressed that victims must complete a police report (BO) to aid the investigation.

Candomblé and Umbanda are two examples of African religions in Brazil – Image: Antônio Rodrigues/SVM

CNS decision is only a recommendation

Resolution 715 of 2023 of the National Health Council, published on July 20, has sparked controversy on social networks since opponents of Lula’s government claimed that This procedure will establish candomblé and umbanda as a form of treatment in SUS.

The central nervous system is a body whose purpose is to monitor health policies implemented by the Ministry of Health and to recommend changes and improvements. Its members are elected and the board is made up of SUS users, government representatives and health professionals.

In point 46 of Resolution 715, the National Security Council recommends that the Ministry recognize “Manifestations of the folk culture of traditional peoples of African descent and traditional territorial units of African descent (terreiros, terreiras, barns, kennels, etc.) as complementary health promotion and healing equipment for SUS”.

recommendation It will not replace medical treatments with religious practicesBut I would like to add these practices to my list of therapeutic resources aimed at preventing disease and creating a therapeutic relationship with the patient.

Headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Brasilia – Photo: Rodrigo Coutinho/MS

If the Ministry of Health accepts point 46 of Resolution 715, practices of African origin, such as umbanda and candomblé, will be incorporated into the National Policy of Integrative and Complementary Practices of the SUS, which already includes therapies such as yoga, homeopathy, meditation, biodance, ozone therapy, among others. other.

Read the full decision:

(re)recognize the manifestations of the folk culture of traditional peoples of African descent and the traditional territorial units of the African matrix (terreiros, terreiras, barracks, houses of religion, etc.) to promote health, the first gateway for those who need it most and a space for healing from mental, psychological, social and nutritional imbalances , while respecting the complexities inherent in traditional cultures and peoples of African descent, in researching these tools provided for in public health policy, combating racism, violation of rights, religious discrimination, among others.

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