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Jon Textor reveals Jorge Braga's call to continue as CEO at SAF do Botafogo: 'He has done a great job'

Jon Textor reveals Jorge Braga’s call to continue as CEO at SAF do Botafogo: ‘He has done a great job’

future owner SAF From BotafogoAmerican John Textor He revealed that he had already called Jorge Braga, the current CEO of the club, in the new structure that will be established under his leadership. In an interview with “Canal do TF”, the investor praised the work Braga did in 2021, when the club was relegated, promoted as champion and managed to become a company.

It is his choice. I already told him I wanted him to be part of SAF Botafogo. It was obvious that he did a great job. When the club went down, it had to make tough decisions to move things forward, reduce staff, take care of money, put it in the right place… He did a great job. I invited him to be the CEO of Botafogo SAF Textur Detection.

Jorge Braga participates in Transition Committee From Botafogo to become SAF. John Textor expects the sale contract to be signed next week when he is in Brazil. It is these details that still prevent Glorioso’s current CEO from accepting the investor’s invitation.

– His loyalty is still with the club, he has been very good. He needs to talk to me about some details. The contract is not ready yet, there are some points about what the club’s responsibility is, and what ours is. He still works at the club, not me. I hope that at the end of the day, when we finish the conversations while I’m in Rio, that he will complete this transfer to SAF – concluded Textor.