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Jean Berry undergoes surgery to remove the tumor and is waiting for the next steps |  Syndicate

Jean Berry undergoes surgery to remove the tumor and is waiting for the next steps | Syndicate

Back in Brazil, Jean-Pierre underwent surgery to remove a tumor in one of his testicles on Wednesday, and was released from hospital early in the evening. The operation was successful, the midfielder begins his recovery resting and is waiting for instructions to continue treatment.

The player must still undergo further tests and medical advice and remain at rest until then. The next steps will be determined by the medical staff of this.

As GE found out, the athlete is still covered by the health plan from the contract with Tricolor and has received this assistance from the club, although the understanding is that the loan to Giresunspor is valid. However, he did not receive his salary in February from either club.

Jean Berry is loaned to Gersonspor until mid-2023 – Photo: Eduardo Moura

By the way, the situation with the Turks is an unresolved problem. The Turkish company Giresunspor offered Jane to perform the surgery in Europe. The player preferred to return to the country. According to the understanding of the Turks, this broke the bond. But there is a clause in the contract, according to Jan’s staff, which opened the way for the midfielder to hear a second opinion on medical matters.

As per the understanding of the player’s staff, the 15-month loan bond was valid and in order to break it, it would be necessary to pay a fine to the player Syndicate. From the point of view of the gaucho club, the works are also preserved.

Jean Berry’s loan with the Turks continues until mid-2023. Syndicatewho renewed his contract with the 23-year-old until the end of 2024, has made himself available to support the midfielder.

Formed on the base of the tricolor, Jean Berry worked in four seasons in the main cast. He played 141 matches, scored 22 goals, and was part of the group that won the Campeonato Gaúcho titles in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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