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Joao Guilherme’s team censors reporter before meeting with Marquezine TV News

Joao Guilherme’s team censors reporter before meeting with Marquezine TV News

Before meeting Bruna Marquezine at a bar in Humaitá, in Rio de Janeiro, João Guilherme Ávila was at Tudum, a Netflix event that has been taking place since Friday (16) in São Paulo. The actor had a date with journalists to announce the second season of De Volta às 15, but the journalists were forbidden to ask about Bruna Marquezine.

The interview was scheduled for 6pm at the Ibirapuera Biennale. Sympathetic, the actor arrived ahead of schedule and took pictures with hundreds of fans at the enactment of the series starring Maísa and Camila Quiroz.

Earlier, on the website Fofocalizando, SBT’s journalist Gabi Cabrini reported that the two actors were “on alert”. At the time of the interview, a Netflix consultant asked what and what the journalists would ask the news It was reported that in addition to the series, he would ask about hot news regarding the singer’s love life.

After some time, the professional warned himself, very embarrassed, that if the report asked about Bruna Marquezine or any topic about Joao Guilherme’s private life, the interview would not take place. The orders came from the team taking care of the artist, who seemed nervous to face the journalists directly after the news that Vuvukalisandu had provided.

The interview continued, and the actor from hit songs like Cúmplices de um Resgate (2015) and As Aventuras de Poliana (2018) eased into the ten minutes of chat. Joao spoke in a very friendly way about the inconveniences of being famous, about growing up in front of the TV, the dream of pursuing an international career, and joked that he grew up because of his brother Ze Felipe, who made him uncle to two daughters. in less than two years.

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As for the love life and rumors of involvement with Bruna Marquezine, there was complete silence. However, João Guilherme did not even have the opportunity to decide whether or not he wanted to talk about what had been reported.

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Once he left the event, Joao Guilherme traveled from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. A Rio bar posted posts of the couple having an intimate moment and confirmed suspicions that they were going out together.

In Instagram Stories, an employee took selfies with the cast. “Thank you for choosing us. It’s such an honor,” she wrote. None of them commented on the posts or the meeting.

According to the SBT journalist, the relationship between João Guilherme and Bruna Marquezine is not a relationship, but the two will have “serious relationships”.